No screw loose

Some of our pressing machines have been in use for over 40 years and continue to provide their services thanks to the care of our technical team. Due to their enthusiasm, technical know-how and inventiveness not only do we continue to maintain and modernize our own machines, but also develop new ones.

Cutting studio

  • mastering equipment
  • Lacquer: record cutting machine VMS 70
  • DMM: record cutting machine VMS 82

Electroplating & preforming

  • Silver plating and pre-process line
  • nickel-plating plants
  • Matrix Grinding Machine Europa-Film EEP-70
  • Centering device Siebert OCP36
  • Die forming device 12"/7" TTT5498
  • Center postforming press by RAND
  • Circular shears Toolex Alpha

Vinyl pressing

  • Automatic record presses Toolex Alpha AD12
  • Automatic extruder Toolex Alpha AE302.2
  • Manual extruder TTT P50L
  • Drying oven Nabertherm

Label production

  • Cutting machine Polar Mohr EM56
  • Label punch Schneider Senator

Print products & packaging

Cover machine W+D Helios 802.00
Record sleeving machine (self-made)
Cellophane wrapping machine Hugo Beck

quality control

  • various control stations

In-house workshops

Thanks to our experienced technicians all production machines are in a technically perfect condition, which in turn ensures a consistently high production quality. Our machines are also subject to continuous improvement through the ongoing maintenance our staff provides.

Electronics Department: Measurement Technology, Soldering Technology, PCB Layout, Programming Automation

Precision mechanics: Planning, design, implementation Metalworking: Precision turning/milling machines, 3D measuring station for continuous accuracy testing

  • Feed screw lathe CD6232
  • Metal milling machine Magmon M100
  • Flat punch Ypsilon
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine